VibeSzn Bracelet

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VibeSzn Bracelet: You’ve got the vibe— we’ve just got the tarnish-free jewelry to express it. Add our VibeSzn Bracelet to your collection and elevate any look with 18k gold or silver plated. Wear this tarnish-free bracelet in the pool, in the shower, or to the gym confidently knowing that—unlike some other brands—it won’t turn your skin green.

How We Wear It: No one can tell you how you should express yourself. Our VibeSzn Bracelet can stand on its own just as well as it can complement any layered look you might have in mind. For more styling and layering tips, check out our monthly blog

Select Your Material: Pick 18K gold or silver plated stainless steel
Sit Back And Relax: Please allow 5-7 business days before shipment
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