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Personalized Name Necklaces and Gold Plated Necklaces for Everyday Wear

Nameplate necklaces & more - you already shine, now you just need the gold to match. Add a personal touch to your jewelry with our custom gold plated necklaces. Customize your own necklace with your initials or get one of our nameplate necklaces. These personalized necklaces are also great for gifts.

All pieces are made from scratch exclusively for you, by you. One of a kind & limited edition - customize your own name necklace now. The most affordable custom nameplate necklaces on the gram - personalize your own today & stand out from the crowd.

Learn More About Our Custom Name Necklaces

How does your design process look like for the personalized name necklaces?

We generate name design based on customers order, laser cutting of name from stainless steel sheet, hand polish & smooth the metal before moving on to the gold plating process. We use real 18k gold for all our custom name necklaces. Then we clean and assemble chains before we package and ship the product to you. We also have quality control system in place for each step of the process.

How many words or letters can be in a custom name necklace?

Our max is usually 13 characters per line but it depends on the item. Please check the details on each product page.

Are these cute personalized necklaces made for everyday wear?

Our custom necklaces are made for everyday wear. If you want to go a little bolder, you can try stack several necklaces together.

How do I care for my custom gold necklace?

Clean your VibeSzn pieces by using a soft cloth to restore shine. If additional cleaning is needed, use warm soapy water and clean with a soft cloth.

Can I use a personalized font on my name necklace?

You can use any font listed on our website for your name necklace.

Can I order my name necklace in a material other than gold?

We offer stainless steel as the base metal and can coat in 18K gold, silver or rose gold plating.

How do I customize my own necklace? Where do I start?

Start by heading to the customize page on the VibeSzn website - select the design you like the best and enter in your color/length/font specifications and custom text to be printed on the piece.

Can I customize my own necklace with a symbol instead of a name?

We do not currently offer any special symbols outside of the heart, star and butterfly listed on our website.

Learn About Our 18k Gold Plating Necklaces

Does gold plated necklace tarnish?

Gold plated necklaces are tarnish free if coated over stainless steel. All of our custom necklace pieces are gold plated stainless steel and tarnish free.

How to clean my gold plated necklace

Clean your VibeSzn custom necklace pieces by using a soft cloth to restore shine. If additional cleaning is needed, use warm soapy water and clean with a soft cloth.

Can I wear this gold plated necklace in the shower?

You can wear VibeSzn custom necklace pieces in the shower. However, we do not recommend doing this everyday as the repeated pressure is not good for the item chain and connector rings.

Does 18k gold plated necklace last longer than the 14k gold plated one?

No. 18k gold plated necklaces have no difference with 14k gold plated ones in terms of durability.

Is gold plated necklace using real gold?

Yes, our plating process for custom necklaces uses 18K gold over stainless steel.

How do you gold plate the necklaces?

We plate all of our custom personalized necklaces with a machine using real 18K gold. We also have quality control system in place for each process of each individual necklace.

Why do you use stainless steel for your gold plated necklaces?

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic (common allergens are nickel and lead) and does not tarnish or turn green on your skin (alloy jewelry products and copper often leave green marks on skin if exposed to liquid/oil). That way, you can be assured that you get the best quality gold plated necklaces from us.