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Cute Personalized Name Bracelets

Add some bling to your wrist game with one of our exclusive bracelets - set the trend!

Learn More About Our Personalized Bracelets

How do I customize my name bracelets? Where do I start?

To customize your gold-plated bracelets, head to the custom page of our website and select the design you wish to purchase. Click the design and follow the instructions to enter your custom text and plating color.

How does your design process look like for the personalized bracelets?

Our personalized bracelets are case sensitive and are printed exactly as typed. We use laser cutting machines to create each nameplate or initial dangle charms for your bracelets that are unique to you.

Is there any limit of characters on the custom bracelets?

Yes, most custom earrings will only allow around 12 characters but this is on a per item basis. Please check the details on each design.

What kind of font can I use on my custom name bracelets?

Any font shown on the product listing can be used when ordering. Our top selling fonts are our old english and script fonts.

How do I care for my custom gold plated bracelets?

We suggest cleaning your VibeSzn gold-plated bracelets with a soft, dry cloth to restore shine. If you find that additional cleaning is necessary, use warm, soapy water with a clean soft cloth and be sure to dry thoroughly with a separate, dry cloth.