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Complete Your Look with Cute Gold Anklets

Cute, dainty, yet trendy! Get yourself a gold anklet for any occasions -- from errand days to date nights. Our gold plated name anklets are also thoughtful gifts for your besties.

Learn More About Our Cute Personalized Anklets

How do I customize my own anklet? Where do I start?

To customize your anklet, select the anklet design you wish to purchase. Click the design and follow the instructions to enter your custom text, chain length & plating color.

How does your design process look like for the personalized anklets?

Our personalized anklets are case sensitive and are printed exactly as typed. We use laser cutting machines to create each nameplate, unique to you.

How can I determine the correct size for my custom anklet?

Most of our anklets are one size fits all because they come with a 2-3" extender on the end.

Can I order my name anklet in a material other than gold?

We currently only offer the materials listed on our website. Check out each design for details.

Can I use a personalized font on my name anklets?

We only allow the fonts offered on our website currently - although this is something we may offer in the future!

How do I care for my cute anklets?

We suggest cleaning your VibeSzn anklets with a soft, dry cloth to restore shine. If you find that additional cleaning is necessary, use warm, soapy water with a clean soft cloth and be sure to dry thoroughly with a separate, dry cloth.

Can I wear my custom anklet when I am swimming?

You can wear VibeSzn custom anklet pieces in the shower or water - we do not recommend doing this everyday as the repeated pressure is not good for the item chain and connector rings.

Learn About Our 18k Gold Plating Anklets

Does gold plated anklet tarnish?

Gold plated anklets are tarnish free if coated over stainless steel. All of our custom anklet pieces are gold plated stainless steel and tarnish free.

How to clean my gold plated anklet

Clean your VibeSzn custom anklet pieces by using a soft cloth to restore shine. If additional cleaning is needed, use warm soapy water and clean with a soft cloth.

Can I wear this gold plated anklet in the shower?

You can wear VibeSzn custom anklet pieces in the shower. However, we do not recommend doing this everyday as the repeated pressure is not good for the item chain and connector rings.

Does 18k gold plated anklet last longer than the 14k gold plated one?

No. 18k gold plated anklets have no difference with 14k gold plated ones in terms of durability.

Is gold plated anklet using real gold?

Yes, our plating process for custom anklets uses 18K gold over stainless steel.

How do you gold plate the anklets?

We plate all of our custom personalized anklets with a machine using real 18K gold. We also have quality control system in place for each process of each individual anklets.

Why do you use stainless steel for your gold plated anklets?

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic (common allergens are nickel and lead) and does not tarnish or turn green on your skin (alloy jewelry products and copper often leave green marks on skin if exposed to liquid/oil). That way, you can be assured that you get the best quality gold plated anklets from us.